Love + Rosa


The project to create a brand strategy and design experiences that are customer-centered in every big decision: we help realize our customers’ unspoken desires.

Brand Strategy. Brand Identity. Digital Design. Experience.

A challenging new beginning

The founder of Love + Rosa is a long-time customer of REFORMN - we have cooperated successfully with her in many past works, and her trust brought us to this project.

Love + Rosa is a provider of skin-care product and service solutions that help skin regenerate and recover after being damaged by internal or external factors due to bad habits or environment. One of Love + Rosa’s advantages is the use of advanced and constantly improved skin-care techniques that help reduce procedure time and possible risks during the skin-care process, while at the same time can still guarantee efficiency.


In the context of an increasingly competitive skin-care market, the demand of Love + Rosa’s target customer group also became more complex: they want better experiences and desire to sustain this satisfaction. Therefore, Love + Rosa had to face a big challenge and needed to equip itself with a stronger advantage in order to stand out in the market and attract potential customers.

The symbol of love and perfection

We conducted research on the target market and customer behaviors to build a brand development strategy, aiming to position Love + Rosa as a high-quality service in the market. We also assisted in building business strategies to increase the effectiveness of brand strategy. After that, we designed the brand identity, packaging, website and customer experience.

The logo of Love + Rosa is inspired by the symbol of love and pure beauty of the swan, including heart shapes and a swan silhouette emerging from the negative space. From afar, the logo looks like a 4 petal flower - gentle, charming, simple yet distinctive.

The skin-care and beauty industry requires meticulousness and complete safety, therefore, blue was chosen as the main color, combined with supportive green to represent trustworthiness and evoke intimate, gentle, relaxing feelings. The color combination also makes the brand identity more interesting, flexible and fashionable.

The brand name is the most important and challenging part of the design process. We went through many different ideas for the brand name and ultimately decided that Love + Rosa was the most suitable for the established strategies. The name is made up of Love and Rose (in Spanish), the founder’s name - Love is the core value of the brand’s actions and the founder’s name as a legacy for the future.

The new brand identity more clearly reflects the high-end brand positioning in the market segment that Love + Rosa is targeting, turning the brand into a symbol of prestigious and professional beauty service, as well as building foundation for future development of new products and services.

We also cooperated with fashion designer Danh Vinh to create the uniforms for our staff, technicians and doctors, in order to build a professional image while serving customers.

Focus on customer experience

In order to determine the final design and brand strategy for Love + Rosa, we spent a lot of time on doing research and analysing customers’ behaviors and demands, from the moment they first arrive until they walk out of the spa. We assessed in detail factors that influence their psychology when making the decision to use a service, and in the case of a high-value service that involves medical expertise, this decision comes from comfort and trust that are built throughout their experiences.

The interior design company, KSOUL Studio, did a great job realizing our detailed analysis of every inch of the store, including the selection of materials, paint color, surface treatment, lighting system, furniture and exterior finish,… The perfect customer experience is made of not only the first impression but also every detail of the walking route, access to each function space, access to people, beds’ material, curtains, medical equipment, and even the restrooms. 

In addition to meeting the basic requirements of a skin-care experience, Love + Rosa’s interior design aims to provide customers with relaxation, privacy and comfort of their own rooms. We want customers to truly feel Love + Rosa’s care for their every moment here.

Expected results

After 3 months of operation, Love + Rosa received 100% positive feedback from customers, who highly appreciate the new experience, which greatly benefited the product and service consulting process.

Besides transforming customers’ skin, Love + Rosa has also become a relaxing space that customers want to visit to escape the busy stressful life and absorb a new source of positive energy.