In order to face competition and seize opportunities in today’s market, it is vital for a business to constantly innovate and adapt. We believe that brand building is one of the most essential tools to achieve sustainable development.

REFORMN is an independent strategic brand consulting, design and communications company.

We integrate creativity with profound knowledge and years of working experience in various business sectors to help establish a strategy for development opportunities and an execution plan to boost business results.

We are determined to

Create authentic, relevant and trustworthy brands.
Create distinctive brands that stand out, both inside and outside of the business.
Establish a solid foundation to overcome future challenges as your business continues to grow.

We use a set of different tools to help your brand thrive

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the guideline for a business’s development and expansion. A good strategy will be able to exploit all prospects of the new market that your business is targeting, or reposition your brand in a competitive market and enhance brand awareness among customers. A brand strategy well planned and executed will make your business more authentic, distinctive and provide long-lasting values.

Purpose, Positioning & Proposition

Brand Platform

Brand Architecture & Portfolio

Design & Experience

A good design will demonstrate the brand’s story better and make a difference in customer experience. We utilize design solutions to help your business achieve business goals, realize your brand’s vision and mission, as well as changing customers’ awareness in a positive and meaningful way.

Brand Identity


Digital & UX

Signage & Environmental

Sonic & Sensorial

Retail & Spaces


Verbal Identity

A strong brand needs its own voice and language identity to present itself when communicating and connecting intimately with customers. A system of verbal identity including strategic, suitable and creative words and tones will be able to tell sympathetic stories, which in turn exert significant and immediate impact on customers’ emotion.



Voice & Tone

Messaging Themes


We help your brand connect and interact with customers by finding its own unique voice in the market. A professional and effective communication plan, which is the combination of strategy, design, verbal identity and creative solutions, will provide maximum support for building the company’s prestige as well as promoting its sales.

Art Direction

Brand Stories

Content Guideline


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