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The Homie DalatHospitality

The project to create the branding concept for a high-class hotel, a place not only for relaxation but also to preserve a meaningful time and cherish every moment with loved ones.

Mid-Autumn Gift by REFORMNCulture

In the form of creative packages, we introduce the Can Lanterns as Mid-Autumn gifts, so everyone, being familiar with this type of lantern or not, can all enjoy them in a surprising and interesting way.

Laha CaféFood & Drink

The project to design a new brand identity that stands out in the high-end coffee market and build credibility among customers.


The project to design the new brand identity for a financial technology platform with more than 1 million publishers in Vietnam.


The project to create an outstanding branding concept that can demonstrate the diverse beauty of women professionally and delightfully by combining dynamic color and graphic.


The project to create the branding concept for a large-scale and professional music event incorporating the promotion of latest sound technologies.

ADV CONSConstruction

The new brand identity helps clarify the vision and mission of the business, at the same time builds a solid foundation for its development in the new stage.

Sao Khuê SchoolEducation

Being the crystallization of 3 generations’ pursuit of educational career, Sao Khue School continued to build an educational philosophy that roots from the personality of each child. This educational philosophy was formed from the core belief that each child is a sprout which needs a suitable environment to grow into its best self.


In order to highlight its new position of a leader in the logistics field and the target to build professional counselling services, we designed for Interlink a new brand identity and marketing materials that clearly reflect this position and can maximize the enterprise’s capacity in the new stage.


With its target to develop into a chain of care and maintenance stores in the future, we designed for ProCare a brand identity that will make strong first impressions and ensure consistent customer experiences.

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We work with clients in many business areas: technology, finance, beauty and cosmetics, construction, architecture and interior design, medicine, consumer goods, education and agricultural products, ...

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Design & Architecture

Milimet Architecture Thanh Tan Furniture

Education & Culture

Sao Khue School Viet Duc School



Fashion & Beauty

Mimosa Beauty Spa Sumerc

Food & Drink

D&D Kaffee Laha Café May&Son


The Homie Dalat


KOTO Foundation Trao Yeu Thuong

Professional Services

ADV Solutions Interlink Intersky KODO International Prudential


Beloved & Beyond Nam Suong Motor ProCare ProShield Shinrai


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