The project to create the branding concept for a large-scale and professional music event incorporating the promotion of latest sound technologies.

Brand Identity. Digital Design. Experience.

Contemporary flow of music

MAXX is a major audio event where music performances are the means to showcase and introduce latest sound technologies to the public, with the participation of leading brands and their massive sponsorships to promote the products.

The perfect combination

Unlike other common music events, MAXX features the performances of world-class artists - from singers, musicians to producers and DJs - who bring to the show the premiere of their latest works according to the different themes each year. This creates an intense attraction to not only music enthusiasts but also people who love excitement and clubs.

Inspiring design idea

MAXX is a wordplay of ‘Maximize’, therefore, the logo of letter M inside an amplified circle represents the propagation of sound waves. The idea to ‘maximize’ the logo into many different forms became the dynamic visual system of the brand identity - the circular shape is simple yet can be transformed into several complicated and interesting versions, which supports both graphic and photography. The doubling of certain letters manifests even more the ‘maximize’ idea and draws the attention of audiences.

Black, as the key tone, is combined with neon pink color to recreate the explosive and vibrant atmosphere at the series of events. The whole brand recognition system, from color to graphic and photography, is deployed synchronously in both publications and digital experiences. Users can follow all activities before, during and after the event via the impressive, memorable and intriguing social channels.They are also supported with ticket booking and ticket management through the website. 

The marketing program attracts young people with a chain of big-size outdoor advertising system at several locations, as well as desirable and distinctive stage design and merchandise.