The new brand identity helps clarify the vision and mission of the business, at the same time builds a solid foundation for its development in the new stage.

Brand Identity. Digital Design.

ADV CONS is a business established in 2017 in the field of design and construction of aluminum and glass for houses, villas and trading centers. In order to take advantage of the favorable development of Vietnam’s economy and the growth of the housing and urban construction market, ADV CONS wanted to expand its business and service model into the civil and industrial construction section. With the new business model, it needs to build for itself a new image which is more professional, more formal, to clearly show the position and capability of the business in the industry.

Vision for development

REFORMN worked closely with the founders of the business to deliver the significance, purpose and vision for future development of the brand.

The brand identity has an important internal meaning for the business. It helps convey the message well to the team, determine the company’s vision and mission, build close connections and strongly improve the team’s work performance, which is extremely crucial to ADV CONS’s internal operation, to achieve the set goals together.

The logo of ADV CONS is the combination of its 3 core values: Ability - Development - Value. The business philosophy that the company wants to convey to its employees, partners and clients includes Implementation capacity, Experience and creative thinking, and Responsibility. ADV’s participation in every project aims to create sustainable value and promote social development.

The new brand identity was inspired from the lines on the blueprints - the horizontal and vertical lines that represent the industry with its specification, meticulousness and complexity, but at the same time are very flexible in the layout - which make the brand identity both formal and intriguing.

Building trust and credibility

With the goal to become a high-quality and prestige design and construction company in the civil and industrial building market, the quality of ADV’s products is guaranteed by the reputable source of materials, a highly skilled team of technicians and experts, and rigorous examination of even the smallest details. The new logo and brand identity is ADV’s tool to present these advantages to the market and build its company culture.