Sao Khuê School


Being the crystallization of 3 generations’ pursuit of educational career, Sao Khue School continued to build an educational philosophy that roots from the personality of each child. This educational philosophy was formed from the core belief that each child is a sprout which needs a suitable environment to grow into its best self.

Brand Identity. Marketing Materials.

Understanding the hopes and concerns of parents, Sao Khue brings about an educational environment that nurtures the learning spirit and personality of their children from the very first years of their life.


Sao Khue Kindergarten & Primary School - is a progressive school model initiated by a group of prestigious international education experts led by Ms. Kiran Sethi - the founder of Design for Change- one of the first organizations to pioneer this progressive way of thinking to schools and children. 

The core philosophy of this model is built on the foundation of the Design Thinking Framework, and aims to "cultivate" in each student 5 core human[e] values: Empathy - Ethics - Excellent - Elevation - Evolution. That is why this model is also known as "5E School". We consciously cultivate the inherent humanity in citizens has led to the development of the HumanE Curriculum. This curriculum provides knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow us to graduate every child as a citizen leader.

Sao Khue School has two main educational programs: Kindergarten and Primary school. The school covers an area of 3,000m2 and is one of the largest private schools in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.

In a market where there is an increasing number of bilingual and foreign schools which are modern and professionally invested, Sao Khue needed a breakthrough positioning image to gain its competitive advantage. We built for Sao Khue a new brand identity, with logo, visual guideline and marketing materials for the school’s debut stage, helping reflect its mission and reputation in the customer segment.