The project to create an outstanding branding concept that can demonstrate the diverse beauty of women professionally and delightfully by combining dynamic color and graphic.

Brand Identity. Digital Design. Packaging.

Celebrating the imperfect beauty

The lips are the feature that show the strongest personality on a woman’s face. Sumerc was established with the mission to celebrate the beauty of women through their lips. Whether you have the perfect lips or not, they are yours, and to Sumerc, your imperfections are unique.

Dynamic identification system

The logotype is sharp and edgy just like the personality of the target audiences, but is still soft and flowing when combined with the brandmark made of four lip shapes to illustrate a flower, both classic and modern.

The multicolor identification system with many graphic shapes of Sumerc helps deliver the messages aforementioned. Matte color with the system of 8 representative colors makes a fun, versatile and premium color palette. It is combined with a symbolic and highly applicable stylized lip shape graphic system to create a picture full of spontaneous, edgy, fashionable and evocative colors and shapes.

The dynamic characteristic of the identification system significantly supports the packaging system. Lipsticks have transparent plastic covers so the lipstick colors can be seen clearly. The packaging is made of pure white paper that contrasts the graphic shape system, creating a strong visual effect on the shelves.

Safe natural products

Sumerc guarantee that the products are safe for use. We do not only celebrate the visual beauty, but also care about women’s health, which are both needed to build their absolute confidence.