The project to design the new brand identity for a financial technology platform with more than 1 million publishers in Vietnam.

Brand Identity. Digital Design.

An application that improves income

APPAY is a financial technology platform that was built and developed by DIGIPAY, a digital payment solution joint stock company. APPAY helps brokers earn extra income by referring credit loans through reputable financial companies such as FE Credit of VP Bank and CIMB Bank, or recommending consumers to purchase electronic devices, technology, insurance, receive commissions in their freetime.

A friendly technology platform

We developed a visual identity and digital design based on the brand strategy that APPAY had created. The new brand identity makes the financial technology brand more friendly and accessible to customers, which helps build the connection between the brand and its users more easily and establish a bigger user community. APPAY is not only a tool to generate more income but is also positioned as a loyal companion who helps users improve their personal finance.

The green happy symbol

APPAY has established a network of more than 1 million publishers and opened branch offices in many provinces across Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Therefore, our purpose was to achieve consistency in its brand identity, from logo, office publications, office signs to social templates and website.

The logo of APPAY includes two smiles, representing users’ joy from the achievements gained when using the application - a simple yet effective idea. This identity of APPAY aims to make the product more friendly, being a friend that accompanies its customers.

The smile symbol from the logo was used to develop a diverse visual recognition system. The smile was modified with many different curvatures and directions to create a system of symbolic graphic language, strongly supporting each advertising and media content. Internally, this happy smiley icon is also fully deployed as a vivid visual tool to build the company culture.

The use of blue and green colors evokes a refreshing, positive and reliable vibe, which reflects customers’ desire to grow their personal finance (with positive numbers). A research on the application’s users also revealed that black, red or other dark colors often reflect poor financial conditions.

Taking emotions and efficiency into account, our design solution, from graphic to color choice and experience, aims to provide customers with only good feelings whenever they use the application, adding more positive and motivating thoughts about the life and work that they are pursuing.