Laha Café

Food & Drink

The project to design a new brand identity that stands out in the high-end coffee market and build credibility among customers.

Brand Identity. Packaging. Store Concept.

Coffee is Art

Coffee was officially introduced into Vietnam by the French in 1857 and gradually became a popular beverage. Drinking coffee is a habit that is hard to break since an appropriate amount of caffeine can lift up one’s spirit.

“Coffee is Art” is an inspiring quote by Hoang Viet, the founder of Laha Café, who shared with us about the value that coffee has brought for the farmers, baristas, and consumers. The process to make a perfect cup of coffee is very complicated and requires a lot of care and appreciation. The acts of making and drinking coffee is not only for enjoyment but also about sharing intimate, emotional and interesting stories with friends and loved ones.

An authentic and intimate story

Laha Café was founded during the time when ‘dirty’ coffee was all over the market. To deal with this issue, Hoang Viet aimed to build a coffee chain that serves delicious and high-quality coffee at a reasonable price. 

The brand name - Laha Café - is the abbreviation of Lam Ha, a prefecture in Lam Dong, Vietnam, with a land area of 978.52 km² and perfect weather conditions to cultivate high-quality coffee beans. The brand story “From Farm to Cup” describes the meticulous processes, from selecting the suitable soil and weather conditions, growing coffee trees, harvesting and pre-processing techniques, to delivery, roasting and processing the fresh coffee beans from the farms into the perfect final cup of coffee.

We help highlight the brand story through the new brand identity, by integrating it into packaging, coffee mugs and media designs. Traditional green color makes the message simple, visually recognizable and memorable. The whole brand identity was developed from prominent green color combined with large-size typography and natural, authentic images. All aim to draw the most rustic pictures of the coffee beans from the farms and the coffee cup in the hands of customers.

A challenging journey

Laha Café is the first takeaway coffee chain in Vietnam that offers high-quality drinks at affordable prices, successfully attracting the low-income customer group with a reasonable price for each coffee cup. Laha Café started a brand new consumer trend in the low-end section of coffee shops, as well as establishing an effective business model.

The target of Laha Café in many years to come is to continue developing and expanding its scale with new coffee shops across Vietnam, operating under one formal yet refreshing and insightful brand identity that can convey passionate emotions.