The Homie Dalat


The project to create the branding concept for a high-class hotel, a place not only for relaxation but also to preserve a meaningful time and cherish every moment with loved ones.

Brand Identity. Digital Design. Experience.

A home in the pine forest

Many Vietnamese people consider Da Lat their favorite destination. The Homie Dalat - the name itself evokes the feeling of intimacy and familiarity, just like your second home in the highland, where you are welcomed every time you visit to escape the daily hustle life.

The Homie Dalat is located upon a tall hill, just enough to own the view over the bustling Da Lat city, sparkling behind the thin fog; while at the same time is just private and isolated enough in the middle of a tranquil and romantic pine forest. Inspired by French architecture, The Homie Dalat is a combination of classic sophistication and modern minimalism: ensuring the necessary luxury but still providing a warm, intimate and comfortable vibe to match its slogan “Feel like home”. All rooms in The Homie Dalat have a wide view of the most significant features of ‘the City of a thousand flowers’, such as the city, the pine forest, or lit up flower and vegetable farms.

A design that evokes memories

The Homie Dalat’s logo is an abstract illustration of a pine forest in the form of letters: the visual evokes a dreamlike feeling with branches growing in different directions, while thin and hard strokes are blended to create a slight contrast. Dark green, as the main color, is combined with blush pink to make the brand identity both unconventional and friendly. The pine branches peeking throughout the graphic treatment help emphasize the brand story; make the designs more diverse and interesting; and create more space for creativity and storytelling in both printed and digital publications.

Cherish every moment

The target customers are those who have fairly high incomes and love Da Lat. They come to Da Lat not as tourists, and just want to relax in the middle of the highland or work in front of an inspiring and poetic landscape. The Homie Dalat deeply understands this insight and aims to provide adequate, professional and authentic on-site experiences, from the people to high-end local accommodation and cuisine service, so that customers can fully enjoy the highland just by staying in their rooms and using the hotel’s facilities.

Booking a room is also a lot simpler and more customized with a specialized website and application, helping customers to easily book and be reminded of their rooms with many services included, and at the same time, giving them more control of their journey.

Come back home

The Homie Dalat does not only serve customers but also befriends them. Each guest considers the hotel a second home, and its staff as their homies. The Homie Dalat aims to create great experiences from its interior space as well as design to become the top-of-mind address of all customers, because eventually everyone wants to come back home.